Shark Time

What is Shark Time?

As a part of a school-wide effort to further our focus on learning and success for every student, a period of intervention and extension is built into our school day each Tuesday and Thursday. This period, known as “Shark Time,” is designed to provide timely and specific support to students who are working towards mastery of essential learning or are ready to be challenged with learning beyond grade level expectations.

During the “Shark Time” period, students attend a class, referred to as “sessions,” based on a need identified by a teacher, or a session that meets the student’s self-selected need.

Shark Time sessions typically fall into one of three categories: intervention, extra help or enrichment. Intervention sessions are designed to support students in mastering a specific learning target or skill. Extra help sessions are general to a content area or need and enrichment sessions are designed to extend or enrich student learning in areas for which they have already shown proficiency. Session offerings for each department may change weekly.

Please encourage your student to take full advantage of the opportunities that Shark Time offers by ensuring they sign up for their sessions weekly. All students have an Enriching Students account accessible through their Clever portal.
Students who are not selected by a teacher or fail sign up for Shark Time 9:00am on Tuesdays of each week may receive consequences for repeatedly waiting until after the deadline. For additional questions regarding Shark Time, please contact your student's designated Learning Director at (209) 556-1810.