Why does attendance matter?
  • Students with good attendance are far more likely to be successful in school.
  • High attendance rates are linked to high student achievement, and this is true for elementary, middle, and high school students.
  • Missing school causes children to fall behind academically.
What is good attendance?
Getting to school on time, every day, is important. Consistent attendance will help children do well in school, college, and work.

Family participation is key to good attendance for students. Some tips for good attendance include:
  • Establishing and keeping a schedule; students thrive on routine
  • Going to bed early and waking up earlier
  • Preparing for the morning the night before by laying out outfits, packing backpacks, and pre-packing lunches
  • If work schedules conflict, investigate other means of transportation, such as carpooling with other families
If your family consistently struggles with school attendance, professionals suggest tracking the average time you’re late by and adding that time accordingly to your schedule. For example: if you are consistently 15 to 30 minutes late in the morning, set your alarm 15 to 30 minutes earlier. Doing this creates a cushion of extra time for unexpected delays.  



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