California Jr. Scholarship Federation

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Answers to Most Asked Questions

How we do we determine eligibility? 
Even though we are a school that has 4 grading periods, there will only be 2 application periods.  At the start of school, the previous year's 3rd and 4th quarter grades will be used to determine eligibility. To determine eligibility for the second half of the school year, the 1st and 2nd quarter grades will be used.  The student must have qualified for both quarters in order to gain membership for the next period of membership.  7th graders must wait until the END of the 2nd quarter to apply for membership.  An added bonus is that 9th grade eligibility is determined by your 8th grade 3rd and 4th quarter grades. You will not have to wait until 2nd semester to apply.  You can begin earning points right away!
What kinds of things can I do to complete hours of service?
You can complete your hours by helping a teacher, the office, or even our custodians.  If you are doing something outside of school, you must have it pre approved to ensure that it counts.  In order for the service to count, you cannot receive a grade or any kind of compensation.  You must also keep track of your time.  Click on the COMMUNITY SERVICE FORM link above to print out a form.  
What will I be doing as a member?
Though we will have periodic meetings through out the year, you are not required as a part of membership to attend.  These meetings will be held in order to organize two fund raisers and member activities.  These events will provide you with the hours you need especially if you are seeking to earn an award for service.
Are there awards I can earn?
Yes, there are several awards you can earn.  At BK, you can earn an award for completing 20 hours of community service.  The points you earn in Junior High carry on to High School where you can earn scholarships.  
Where can I get more information?
You can either email Ms. Wade or Mrs. Arnold-Brownlee or you can speak to them in person.  Ms. Wade is in room 1002, and Mrs. Arnold-Brownlee is in the office.