The Renaissance Program celebrates, and rewards student’s academic achievement. It provides fun activities and incentives to keep students motivated and reaching their maximum potential. 

At the start of each quarter, students will receive a Renaissance Card if they have earned one, and it will be good the rest of that quarter. With each card, students get rewards and attend rallies and special activities during and after the school day. At the beginning of the school year, students can earn a Renaissance Card based on the previous year’s CST scores.

Gold Card
= 400 or higher
Silver Card
= 350-399
Purple Card
= increased score by 50 points from previous year

At the beginning of 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarter, students receive Renaissance Cards based on the previous quarter’s grades

Gold Card = 4.0-3.5
Silver Card = 3.49-3.0
Bronze Card = 2.99-2.5
Purple Card
= improved GPA by .5