Science 7

Phenomena to be explained:  

  • Why does a chip bag expand at higher altitudes?
  • Why is water H2O and not HO2?
  • Why do chemicals like vinegar and baking soda react?
  • Why is baking soda fluffier than sugar?
  • How do plants “eat”?
  • Why do we need oxygen?
  • Why do sharks eat marine mammals and other fish but not eat remoras?
  • Why do the rainforests in South America and South Asia have similar organisms?
  • Why does the peak of Mt. Everest have fossils of sea creatures?
  •   What caused the earthquakes in Northridge this summer?

What skills are essential in 7th Grade Science?
Reading graphs
Defending answers with evidence Recognizing patterns Applying known concepts Analyzing and interpreting data Reading for meaning Asking questions Developing and using models Conducting experiments Taking and understanding data